Rancho Santa Fe, also known as The Ranch, is most often described as an outlying neighborhood of San Diego, but the cozy little community is so much more than that.  Nestled between the California coast and towering mountains, the community lies in a semi rural area, where citrus trees and greenery rule the day. Rolling golf courses flanks residential homes; equestrian centers dominate landscapes, and tennis clubs remind visitors they’ve entered a place of luxury.

Why I Love Rancho Santa Fe – And Its Incredible Real Estate Market

As of 2010, the area had a population of just over 3,000 people. For communities greater than 1,000 people, Rancho Santa Fe consistently ranks in the highest bracket of average income. In 2010, it was estimated that The Ranch had a median income of $188,859. Unsurprisingly, Rancho Santa Fe luxury homes are highly coveted, and their listing prices here can reach upwards of $20 million dollars, making The Ranch not for those without a hefty pocket book. In fact, in 2015 Forbes ranked Rancho Santa Fe as the 42nd most expensive zip code in the U.S., with a median home price of $3,226,487 dollars.

So what does this mean to a real estate enthusiast such as myself?

There are hundreds if not thousands of AMAZING, and I mean truly stunning luxury homes in the Rancho Santa Fe community, and yet its one of the least known luxury markets in California. My hope is to bring the beauty and serenity of this place to the world and help further grow the popularity of our incredible housing market.

Just take a look at this stunner…

Need More Reasons Why Writing About Rancho Santa Fe Is Awesome?

Famous residents have been, and continue to be, common at Rancho Santa Fe, with Bill Gates, Shaun White, and Tom DeLonge all currently calling it home. Other famous residents have included the likes of professional golfer Phil Mickelson, and famous 40’s entertainer Bing Crosby.

Residents live among several communities, all offering their own amenities. A common theme being the seclusion and upscale luxury that life at Rancho Santa Fe has come to represent.

Luxury Homes Rancho Santa FeThere is, however, one community that sets itself apart from the rest. Known as The Covenant, this community is located at the center of Rancho Santa Fe. It encompasses the village’s downtown area, and provides residents with boutiques, restaurants, a library, real estate offices, banking solutions, a post office, and hotels for potential visitors. Also located in the village is the Rancho school system, which routinely scores high marks for superior public schools.

Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Amenities

I have Known The Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Market For Over 20 Years – Let Me Introduce You

Comprised of 10 square miles and making up most of Rancho’s population, the Covenant is regarded as the most luxurious community in Rancho Santa Fe. It got its start when the Santa Fe Railroad subdivided a portion of land into what they hoped would growth into a community of estates. The Covenant then came to be when property owners decided to form an agreement to preserve and maintain the quality and character of the areas architecture and landscape.

Life on the Covenant is where Rancho Santa Fe really shines. Residents receive automatic membership to the 6,700-yard par 72 Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club. They also have access to a social club, tennis club, sports recreation facilities, and over twenty miles of walking trails and horse riding trails. Security is also given the upmost importance, with the Covenant having its own private security patrol, served in conjunction by the sheriff’s department and the highway patrol.

If luxury facilities, homes, security forces, and seclusion aren’t enough, there’s always the beach that’s less than five miles away, or the climate, which averages 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round. It truly is a remarkable place to call home.

The Latest News, The Latest Homes

Real Estate moves quickly, and even in one of the most peaceful and serene places on earth this holds true. Our luxury market is among the hottest with new listings hitting the market almost daily. I try to stay on top of the major developments to give interested readers the latest and most exciting Rancho Santa Fe real estate news!